After moving to a new country I had an opportunity to find some quality time to spend on one of my hobbies. The idea of making flowers and creative decoration using beautiful ribbons were encouraged and supported by my loving husband.

First, My idea was to make embroidery designs using ribbons. That’s why I went for shopping to a hobby store. Before entering that store I have no idea that there are so many different varieties of ribbons and I was pretty much buying most of them. I was really scared what if I cannot use all, but my husband said “Just give it a try and experiment a bit”. Ever since I started making creative artwork like flowers bouquets, wearable bridal items, embossed flower embroidery, Christmas tree hangings  and many kinds of table decorations.

I am very excited and thrilled of sharing some of my designs, ideas and patterns with you on my blog.

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Dinesh Kumar S

Hi, lorie stuffs are good, keep it up