Organza Flowers:

In this tutorial we show you how to make basic tulip flower bouquet using organza ribbons. These ribbons can be wired, with borders, without any borders and of different width sizes.

In this particular tutorial we are going to use two different types of Organza ribbons, with and without borders.

Things we needed:

  • 40 mm (width) organza ribbon.
  • Beaded pins.
  • Needle and thread.
  • Hot glue gun (optional).
  • Wired flower stems and clipper.
  • Floral artificial stigma bunch.
  1. Cut a strip of organza ribbon to about 30cm (40mm). Note : You can always cut the ribbon when you are done with step 2 and 3, you can skip cutting in order to avoid wasting ribbon.
  2. Cut 10mm wired flower stems, form a tiny loop using metal clipper. Carefully secure the couple of stigma. Tape it sticky green tape as shown below (make as many flowers you needed for the bouquet).
    DSC03075     DSC03078    DSC03081      DSC03084
  3. Fold ribbon as shown on the following images, using the beaded pin ensure the edges of the ribbon.
    DSC03028       DSC03031     DSC03032   DSC03037     DSC03042      DSC03057
  4. Once you are done securing all the four edges using the beaded pins, make “Running stitch” around the corners as shown in the following pictures.     DSC03065
  5. once you have reached the beginning of the stitch pull the thread carefully through. Carefully remove all beaded pins as shown below.  DSC03069     DSC03072    DSC03063
  6. Once you are done with step 5 insert the stigma stem through the centre of the ribbon. Secure the flower either with thread or with glue gun.     DSC03087
  7. At this point you must be having all tulip flower ready.     DSC03094
  8. Now measure 5cm(22mm) green ribbon cut one of the side of the ribbon in the shape of leaves as shown in the image (make 2 leaves for a flower).   DSC03096     DSC03099
  9. Last step stick or stitch the leaves around securing the stem and the flower.



Your beautiful Organza Bouquet is ready…

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Check our facebook page for more tutorial schedule.



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It is really easy to follow .I m going to try this today