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Hi everyone , this tutorial is to make tulip bridal armband.. This is really  fantastic for bridesmaids. Lets get started.
Things we needed:

  • 2.5cm (Width) pink and beige satin ribbon,
  • 40 mm (width) organza ribbon,
  • 8cm(width) white ribbon,
  • 10mm(width) white satin ribbon,
  • 1.2cm(width) green ribbon,
  • Beaded pins,
  • Scissors,
  • Needle and thread.
  • Hot glue gun (optional),
  • Floral artificial stigma bunch.
  1. Cut a strip of pink and beige satin ribbon to about 25cm(length) . (Note : You can always cut the ribbon when you are done with step 2 and 3, you can skip cutting in order to avoid wasting ribbon.)
  2. Fold ribbon as shown on the following images, using the beaded pin secure the edges of the ribbon.
  3. Once you are done securing all the four edges using the beaded pins, make “Running stitch” around the corners as shown in the following pictures.Carefully remove all beaded pins as shown below.
  4. once you have reached the beginning of the stitch pull the thread carefully through.
  5. Once you are done with step 5 insert the stigma stem through the centre of the ribbon. Secure the flower either with thread or with glue gun.
  6. At this point you must be having all tulip flower ready.
  7. Now, for leaves take the green ribbon, Fold it as shown on the following images. Using a candle or lighter singe the tip.

  8. Now take the 8cm white ribbon, cut 2 circles out of it.
  9. Singe the border of the ribbons.
  10. Apply glue on one of the circle ribbon place 10mm white ribbon approximately 40cm in length to tie around the wrist.
  11. Apply glue again on the same ribbon and place the second circle ribbon on to of it making a sandwich. This is going to be our base.
  12. Measure and cut the organza ribbon for about 50cm.
  13. Make a running stitch , once you reached the end pull the thread through and join the two ends as shown in the image below.
  14. apply glue on the base.
  15. Stick the organza ring on top just as shown below.
  16. Apply glue on the flowers we made already just as shown.
  17. Apply glue on the bottom of the flower bunch and carefully place on top of the base without smearing glue on the organza ring.
  18. Now stick the leaves randomly.
    This amazing and beautiful arm bands are trendy and looks perfect on bridesmaids

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Written by Lori

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My goodness, how lovely! You are an artist! This is just lovely and I can see many people wanting something like this!

Sarah, Things Sarah Loves

Wow this is so pretty and you make it look so simple. Loved how many photos you took and the fact you numbered each step along the way.


Wow thats so pretty wish I’d read this post pre my wedding last year these are lovely – will kepp then in mind for friends weddings


AHHHHH bridal tutorials!!!
So nice to learn new stuff. I’m learning now how to sew and I adore blogs like yours!


Wooooow….wat a fantasy u have!!!
Great work ????..
Crystal clear explanations & pretty stunning shots..
Really it’s Tempting to do…?
Hope u’d mentoring us more with ur Ravishing artsy?