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Hi every one in this tutorial I am going to show how to make all time favourite spring time cherry blossoms, lets get started.

Things needed:

  • 3cm(width) pink ribbon,
  • 4cm(width) green ribbon,
  • Scissors,
  • Hot glue gun and glue,
  • Needle and thread,
  • Floral wire,
  • Green tape,
  • Artificial stigma,
  • Clipper,
  • Lighter.
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Step 1: Take 25cm long wire. Fold in one end like a loop. wrap the wire using green tape.
2 copy 3 copy 4 copy
Step 2: Cut a small circle from the pink ribbon. Carefully singe the corners using the lighter.
5 copy 6 copy
Step 3: Make a running stitch around the corner of the ribbon.
7 copy
Step 4: Place the bulged end of the wire in the middle and carefully pull the thread through.
8 copy  9 copy
Step 5: Tighten the ribbon using the thread forming a bud.
10 copy  11 copy
Step 6: Cut about 4cm of green ribbon and draw as shown. Cut as shown in the following sketch, singe the corners of the ribbon. We are going to uses this as the sepals for our buds.
13 copy  14 copy  15 copy
Step 7: Using the green hot glue, stick the sepals to the bud and wrap the end using the green tape.
17 copy 18 copy

Step 8: Cut about 4-6 cm of wire in length. Make a loop at one end of the wire. place two stigma in the middle , using the clipper secure the wire.
19 copy 20 copy 21 copy
Step 9: Using green tape wrap the wire. ( I am making 4 for one bunch.)
22 copy

Step 10: fold 4-5 squares in the pink ribbon and cut 4-5 petals as shown. I made one side curved and opposite side straight. Then singe the borders carefully.

23 copy

Step 11: Using  needle and thread make a running stitch gathering all 5 petals along the straight side of each petals.
24 copy 25 copy
Step12: Now try to pull the thread through, make sure you are holding both ends of the thread.
26 copy

Step 13:Now make a tight knot this will make a small round hole in the centre but the petals gets arranged in a circular orientation.
27 copy

Step 14: Once the knot is made  tightened we get our flower petals ready.
28 copy

Step 15: Take one prepared stigma stem and insert it carefully through the middle of the formed flower. Using hot glue to stick the stigma firmly to the petals.
29 copy 30 copy 31 copy 32 copy

Step 16: Now it’s time to prepare the sepals. Take the green ribbon and cut out the sepals as shown. Singe the border carefully and also make small hole in the middle as shown.

33   35    36 copy

Step 17: now insert the flower stem through the middle of the sepal, using hot glue stick the flower and the sepal together.
38 copy   39 copy

Step 18: Now the flowers and the main bud stems are ready to make the cherry blossom bunch.
40 copy   41 copy
Step 19 : Take one bud stem and 4 cherry flowers. Place each flower 1 cm blow the bud and twist the stem around the bud stem. repeat the step four times.
42 copy   43 copy   44 copy
Step 20:Now we have all our cherry blossoms bunches ready.
45 copy   46 copy
Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to leave us your comment and like us. follow us in Facebook , Instagram and twitter.

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Written by Lori

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Exquisite work!!!!!