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Since we all are excited about Easter. Visiting families, friends and big dinner plans,decorating is really tricky for all your busy schedule. In this tutorial I am going to show you my favourite simple yet gorgeous Easter wreath. Lets get started.

Things we need:

  • Any type of wreath (you may find this in any hobby stores or in some supermarkets),
  • Decoration eggs (I found then from hobby shop),
  • Decoration ribbon 5cm width,
  • Cherry blossoms flower bunches,
  •  Hot glue gun and glue,
  • wire.
1 copy

Step 1: Using hot glue stick the eggs randomly. I am sticking in two spots on the wreath.
3 copy  4 copy   5 copy
Step 2: I am using the cherry blossoms flower bunch from my previous tutorial. click in the link for making cherry blossoms.
2 copy
Step 3: Start to insert the flowers stems randomly in between the eggs for a natural look.
6 copy  7 copy
Step 4: Now we are going to make a bow. First cut about 30 cm of the ribbon and keep aside.
8 copy
Step 5: Fold the rest of the ribbon as shown below.
9 copy  10 copy  11 copy
Step 6: Take a small wire and place it under the ribbon, just as shown.
12 copy   13 copy
Step 7: bring the wire together and twist it so that the ribbon looks like a bow.
15 copy  16 copy
Step 8: Now carefully separate each layers by pulling them out. Once you are done your ribbon will look like a little flower.
17 copy  18 copy  19 copy

Step 9: Now attach the piece we already cut and kept separately in step 4.  Using the wire we make sure the ribbon is fixed.
20 copy  21 copy
Step 10 : place this ribbon bow in between the eggs on the wreath.
22 copy

Now we have our beautiful Easter wreath.
24 copy   25 copy   26 copy

Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial. Wish you all a very happy Easter.

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Written by Lori

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This is really a cool idea. Keep it up


Nice, good …

British Adams

These are gorgeous. I prefer the ones with brighter colors.