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Hi all,  I was wondering what could be a perfect ribbn blog post that is a combination for spring and Easter celebration and here i am  with tulip Easter wreath tutorial for you all… so with no further delay lets get started.

  • 40 mm(width) Orange  wired  Polyester silk ribbon,
  • 40 mm(width) Olive green Polyester silk ribbon,
  • Scissors,
  • Lighter or Candle,
  • artificial eggs,
  • wreath,
  • Green sticky tape,
  • white beeds
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Step 1: Lets begin with leaves, take about 8cm green ribbon in length.

Step 2: roughly cut a leaf , just as shown below. Singe the ribbon border with lighter or a candle (If you are under 18 do not make this attempt with out supervision).

Step 3: For the  flower stem, Place a pearl through the wire. Bend the small end of the wire towards the long end, keeping the pearl in between.
Now using the clipper twist both wire together tightly so the pearl do not move around.
Now take a orange ribbon, 2cm in diagonal apply hot glue. Place the bead stem and start to wrap as just shown below

Step 4: Now i have wrapped the stem with green sticky tape. Now our stem is ready.

Step 5: Now its time for petals. cut about 3 cm in length of orange ribbon. since i am using wired ribbon

Step 6: Now take wired orange ribbon and pull the wire from two corners of the same side, try to keep the gather in place by bending the wire slightly.

Step 7:using scissors cut a small round edges from the opposite side of the gathered.  Make up to 4 petals for each flower.

Step 8: Carefully use the wire from one of the ribbon of a petal we made wrap around the stem that we just made. Carefully keep the gathering in place and wrap the other end to the stem as well.

Step 9: keep repeating step 8 3 more time around the stem.

Step 10: now our leaves and flower heads are ready.

Step 11: apply glue on to the leaves, place the flower just as shown in the below image.

Step 12:now our flowers are ready.

Step 13: take the wreath and start to stick the stem of  the prepared flowers on to the wreath just as shown below.

Step 14: Now i am using some straw to make a mesh and i stick it on the wreath.
Step 15:On top of that mash i place some artificial eggs.

Using a small brown ribbon about 4cm in length, try to pull the ribbon through the gaps in the wreath.

Step 16:singe the ends together using candle or lighter. This is the hanging loop for our wreath.

Important Information:
1.Cost :10- 15 ‎€/wreath,
2.Time:  1 hour/ wreath,
3.Complexity : Medium difficulty to make.

There you go, we  have just made a very beautiful Easter wreath .
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Happy Easter..!!

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Written by Lori

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