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Quick and easy Christmas ideas:

Here we would like to show how to make 3 different Christmas tree hangings.

Things we need:

  • Two diffrent types of 12mm ribbon,
  • 20mm organza ribbon,
  • 25mm wired ribbon,
  • Decorative hanging thread,
  • Thread and needle,
  • Hot glue gun (optional),
  • Pine cones,
  • Little figurine,
  • White beads.

    Xmas deco

    Things needed

  1. First cut 3 different lengths of 12mm ribbon, add one bead on each ribbon and stitch the edges like shown in the following pictures. Stick all there edges and keep it a side.
    Step 1  Step 2
  2. Tie the hanging thread like a loop for hanging your decoration. Keep it a side.
    Step 3     Step 4
  3. Make a running stitch through ribbon, once you reach the end of the ribbon, pull the thread through tightly, attach both the end to each other to form a ring.
    Step5   step6   Step 6
  4. Bring the needle through the middle and secure the bead ring.
    Step 7
  5. Stitch both the ends of same piece of 20mm ribbon to each other .
    Step 8    Step 9    Step 10
  6. Bring the end part to middle and make a  running stitch.
    Step 11  Step 12
  7. Now pull the thread through tightly. The ribbon look  like a bow now.
    Step 12   Step 13
  8. Glue all the bows one on top of each other along with the bead ring.
    Step 14   Step 15
  9. Turn the bow around and stick the three beaded ribbon in the middle.
  10. Now take wired organza ribbon and pull the wire from two corners of the same edge making a circle . Tie the edges.
    Step 16   Step 17  Step 18
  11.  Stick the hanging ribbon to one side of the circle wired ribbon using glue gun.
  12. Stick the ribbon bow to one of the hanging ring as shown.
  13. Repeat step 10 and 11 for two more times
  14. Take the second hanging ring and glue three pine cone for second hanging decoration.
    Step  Step
  15. Take the angel figurine and glue it to the third hanging ring for making the last hanging.

Thank you for reading our post hope you all enjoy our tutorial.

We wish you all merry Christmas.


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Written by Lori

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