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Mother’s Day Special Pansy

I know for all of us Mother is some one who will be always special. I dedicate this Tutorial for my Mother and Mother-in-law. Two most wonderful, strong and always gorgeous women in my life. This is one of my favourite and very special tutorial, in which I am going to show you all how to make a greeting card with self-made pansy flowers. lets get started.

Things we need:

  • Organza ribbons 10mm in width( I am using the classic combination of purple, yellow and pink blue),
  • 20mm green satin ribbon for leaves,
  • ball pins,
  • lighter,
  • needle and thread.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks,
  • Plain card (you can use self made ones, I am using one which has oval shape cutout)
  • scissors.

Step 1: Take the green ribbon and cut in leaf shape. Using lighter singe the corners, during singeing twist the ribbon to get wavy impression.( Note If you are not sure of how to singe Please click on Satin roses Step 5)
02 03 04

Step 2: Cut about 10cm of yellow ribbon fold like alphabet” V”. measure about 6cm of yellow ribbon for middle part of flower. Now cut 15cm of purple ribbon and fold as shown in the image below. Use ball pin to hold the ribbon in place.

Step 3: Now make a running stitch on the yellow ribbin from the outer side just as shown in the image. Pull the thread though carefully.
06   07

Step 4:Once you have pulled the thread through make a firm knot joining two ends of the ribbon.

Step 5:Repeat the step 3 and 4  for purple ribbon. Now the purple ribbon will be making 3 petals and the yellow will make 2 petels.

Step 6: Now take the 6cm yellow ribbon and mane two knot (one over other).
10 11

Step 7: Take the two ends of the yellow knot ribbon and first pull through middle ring of the purple ribbon.

Step 8:Repeat step 7 with the yellow ribbon.
Step 9 : Now the flower should look like shown in the image.
Step 10: Now stick the leaves to the flowers using hot glue.
15  16

Step 11:Now glue the flowers to the greeting card. ( I have decorated with mini ladybugs, its optional).
18   19

Enjoy your special Mother’s Day by giving her these special and amazing hand made flower card…..
17   20    21




Wish you all a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY…




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Written by Lori

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beautiful! I’m not exceptionally crafty but I did pin this to remember it later

Kim Seghers (This Ole Mom)

Your card turned out beautiful and it was sweet of you to dedicate the post to your
mother-in-law and mother! Happy Mother’s Day to you.


What a great idea! I love making my own flowers out of felt, but I’ve never tried to do them out of ribbon before, so pretty! Happy Mother’s Day!


This is so cool! The ladybugs are adorable. ?

myda tahir

Lori that’s amazing, i am saving it for the next mother’s day also..