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Hi everyone, In this tutorial I had panned to make floral picture frame using Organza ribbon roses. I am very excited about this, lets get started.

Things we need:
01 copy

  • Pink Organza ribbon,
  • Green satin ribbon,
  • Scissor,
  • Needle and thread,
  • Hot glue gun and glue,
  • candle and lighter,
  • Tweezers.

Step  1: Cut about 7-8 cm of the organza ribbon.
02 copy

Step  2: Fold the ribbon as just shown below.

03 copy 04 copy
05 copy

Step  3: You may end up like a small corner trim the edge making a pointy side, And singe the ribbon.
06 copy  07 copy
08 copy

Step  4: Repeat the step2 and 3 for the other side of the ribbon.
09 copy

Step  5: Repeat step 2,3 and 4 for as many petals you need. I am planning on making 8 roses so I will be making 80 petals.
10 copy

Step 6: Now for the canter part of the flower we need round about 10cm of the ribbon. Now fold the ribbon and twist making a cone shape.

11 copy  12 copy
13 copy

Step  7: Now make a running stitch as shown below.
14 copy  15 copy

Step  8: Carefully pull the thread through and tie the end carefully.
16 copy

Step  9: Now take one petal at a time and stick one on top of other using glue.
17 copy   18 copy
19 copy   20 copy
21 copy

Step  10: Glue the centre piece of the flower and stick the petals firmly.
22 copy  23 copy
24 copy  25 copy
26 copy  27 copy

Step  11: Take the green satin ribbon for about 3cm and cut in leaf shape. singe the edges using candle.
28 copy   29 copy
30 copy   31 copy
32 copy   33 copy

Step  12: Using  glue stick 2 or three leaves behind the flowers.

DSC09367 copy
DSC09368 copy

Now our beautiful flowers are ready, its time to use our imagination for displaying.
DSC09369 copy   DSC09371 copy


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Written by Lori

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Wooow it is amazing !!!! This method is very easy make. Going to try this