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Hi everyone, hope you all are fantastic. This month I will be posting all about wedding related.

This tutorial I am going to explain Poppy bouquet making. Lets get started.

Things needed:

  • 40 mm(width) Red Polyester  ribbon (you can pick your favourite colour),
  • 40 mm(width) Olive green Polyester silk ribbon,
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks,
  • 10 mm Wire flower stems (16),
  • Scissors,
  • Clipper,
  • Lighter or Candle.
  • 10mm deco pearls,
  • facial cotton pads,
  • Black thread and needle,
  • Black colour artificial flower stigmas.

Step 1: Cut Two different petals shape and size , leaves and a circle piece as shown in the below image.  (we need two petals of each number 1 and 2 from the image for each flower)

Step 2:Then Singe the corners as shown  in the below images.Using a lighter (a candle or a match stick will be an option) to singe the border of the ribbon.
Hold the border of your ribbon with two fingers, and lightly roll the lighter around the border of the ribbon(only for a few seconds). You’ll be able to see the ribbon start to singe and seal (do not hold the ribbon on the fire too long) make sure you are handling the fire safely. If you are under 18 do not make this attempt with out supervision. 

The Leaves are usually optional depending how you wanted to present the flower bunch.

Step 3: First we make the poppy buds. take one green circle ribbon make a running stitch around the borders just as shown. Make a tiny hole in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 4: Now place the pearl through the wire. Bend the small end of the wire towards the long end, keeping the pearl in between.

Step 5:Now using the clipper twist both wire together tightly so the pearl do not move around. Pass the wire through the hole of the green circle ribbon.

Step 6: pull the thread through and stitch to secure the bead is completely covered. wrap the wire with green tape.

Step 7: This is our centrepiece for our poppy flower.Now take another circle green ribbon and  make running stitch around the border.

Step 8:Make a ball shape out of a half cotton pad, place it in the centre of the ribbon and carefully pull the thread through and stitch just as shown in the images below.

Step 9:Now bring the thread from the bottom across the the top surface and make stitch tightly.
Step 10:Repeat step 9,  3 more times so that the thread looks like a star.

Step 11:Now turn one of the centrepiece  apply hot glue .

Step 12: Take 4 Black colour artificial flower stigmas and stick in a star shape just as shown in the images.

Step 13:Now cut about 4cm width of paper and wrap black tread around until it forms a bout 0.5cm in thickness.

Step 14: Cut about 25cm length of green floral wire. Bend one tip like a hook and place the thread in middle. Then twist the wire using clippers.

Step 15:Pass the scissors carefully through the ribbon loop and cut it.

Step 16: Apply hot glue on the middle wire just as shown.

Step 17: place the centrepiece carefully on the glued wire, also try to spread the black thread around

Step 18: Now take the 1 smaller petal (petal number 1 from step1).Apply hot glue.

Step 19:Stick it carefully under the centrepiece.

Step 20:Apply glue on another  smaller petal (petal number 1 from step1). stick on the opposite direction to the first petal.

Step 21:Now take the one bigger petal. Apply glue as shown in the below image

Step 22: Now align the petals in such a way that middle part of the bigger petal is sticking at the point where first two petals are meeting.

do the same with the second petal in the opposite direction

Step 23:Take another circle green ribbon make a hole in the middle. and gently pass the wire through. Apply glue to on the surface facing the flower so that the ribbon stick to the bottom of the flower.

Step 24: Wrap the wire with green tape.

Now our Poppy bouquet bunch is ready


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Written by Lori

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Wonderful work. Amazing!


Cool, amazing work, keep up mate


Awwwwwsome Lori?