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Beautiful Satin twist rose bunch, a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Rose bunch  Satin_Delight

Things needed for making this amazing satin roses are:

  • 40mm (width) yellow satin ribbon (I have used yellow, you can choose any colour you like),
  • 20mm (width) green satin ribbon (preferably light shade of green),
  • 10mm pearls(10 -15 based on how many flowers you make),
  • Hot glue gun and yellow glue sticks (yellow colour is optional for glue sticks),
  •  Needle and thread,
  • Wired flower stems and clipper,
  • Scissors,
  • 12mm green paper tape,
  • lighter.
Things needed

In this tutorial, I am going to explain this bouquet making in four stages. First, preparing the leaves, sepals and petals for the flowers. Second, preparing the stems. Third stage will be making of flower buds and the last stage will be complete flowers.

Stage 1, Preparing leaves, sepals and petals:

  1. Use green ribbon for leaves and sepals. Use yellow ribbon for buds and petals.
    Stage 1 step 1
  2. Take the green ribbon and cut 4cm (length) for making leaf. you need two leaves for each bud (I am making 6 rose buds so I am cutting 12 leaves).
    Stage 1 step 2  Stage 1 step 3
  3. Cut 2cm (length) of green ribbon for sepal. you need 3 sepals for one flower.
    Stage 1 step 4  Stage 1 step 5
  4. You may end up have some thing as shown as in the picture below.
    Stage 1 step 6
  5. Using a lighter (a candle or a match stick will be an option) to singe the border of the ribbon. Hold the border of your ribbon with two fingers, and lightly roll the lighter around the border of the ribbon(only for a few seconds).
    Stage 1 step 7 Stage 1 step 8
  6. You’ll be able to see the ribbon start to singe and seal (do not hold the ribbon on the fire too long) make sure you are handling the fire safely. If you are under 18 do not make this attempt with out supervision. 
  7. once you are able to singe the borders of the ribbon the should look like shown.
    Stage 1 step 9    Stage 1 step 10
  8. I use 7 petals for one flower (I am making nine flowers so I made 63 petals).
    Stage 1 step 11
  9. I made 12 leaves and 18 sepals.
    Stage 1 step 12
  10. Keep all your prepared sepals, leaves and petals aside for now.

Stage 2, Preparing Stems:

  1. Now for stems take one stem wire and a pearl.
    Stage 2 step 1
  2. Place the pearl through the wire. Bend the small end of the wire towards the long end, keeping the pearl in between.
    Stage 2 step 2  Stage 2 step 3
  3. Now using the clipper twist both wire together tightly so the pearl do not move around.
    Stage 2 step 4  Stage 2 step 5
  4. Using the green paper tape wrap the wire tightly.
    Stage 2 step 6  Stage 2 step 7  Stage 2 step 8
  5. Make the beaded wire stems as many flowers and buds you need for the bouquet.
    Stage 2 step 9

Stage 3, Preparing buds:

  1. For the bud, take the 8cm (length) ribbon. Twist it diagonally as shown in the picture.
    Stage 3 step 1
  2. Now, try to bring one edge in front of the other edge forming a cone.
    Stage 3 step 2  Stage 3 step 3  Stage 3 step 4
  3. Make a running stitch on wide open side of the cone.
    Stage 3 step 5
  4. with out removing the thread and the needle, cut the extra ribbon which is away from the running stitch (from the open side of the cone) using scissors.
    Stage 3 step 6
  5. Using a lighter singe the outer border of the cone.
    Stage 3 step 7
  6. Insert the pearl side of the stem through the cone.
    Stage 3 step 8
  7. Gently pull the thread through, so the pearl is completely hidden in side the cone.
    Stage 3 step 9
  8. Now tightly stitch the ribbon around the stem.
     Stage 3 step 10
  9. You have to repea the Stage 3 according to the number of buds and roses you need. ( I am making 9 flowers and 6 buds so I repeat this stage for 15  times).
    Stage 3 step 11
  10. Take 6 buds along with  12 petals, stick 2 petals to each buds on opposite side using hot glue.
    Stage 3 step 12  Stage 3 step 13  Stage 3 step 14
  11. Once they are ready wrap the bottom of the bud until you reach the stem with green paper tape.
    Stage 3 step 15  Stage 3 step 16
  12. Now all the buds should look nice and clean.
    Stage 3 step 17

Stage 4, Preparing complete rose flowers:

  1. Take 7 petals for each rose (if you need the roses to have more layers you may add more petals).
  2. Now take first petal and apply a drop of glue on one corner.
    Stage 4 step 1  Stage 4 step 2
  3. Place one corner of the second petal on top of the glued corner of the first petal .just as shown in the picture.
    Stage 4 step 3
  4. Repeat step 3 for the next 5 petals. You should have a semicircle of petals as shown.
    Stage 4 step 4
  5. Now take one rose bud ( remaining 9 buds with out sepals).
    Stage 4 step 5
  6. Apply glue on the corner of the last petal.
    Stage 4 step 6
  7. Place the bud on top of the glue, so that the bud can stick to the petal.
    Stage 4 step 7  Stage 4 step 8
  8. Now keep applying  glue to the bud and rotate the stem towards the petals.
    Stage 4 step 9  Stage 4 step 10
  9. Once you reach the last petal you will have a flower formation.
    Stage 4 step 11
  10. Stick 3 sepals around the bottom of the rose head.
    Stage 4 step 12  Stage 4 step 13
  11. Repeat stage 4 according to the number of roses you need (I have made 9).
    Stage 4 step 14

Now you can arrange all the buds and roses together to form a beautiful satin flower bouquet.

Beautiful Satin rose bunch

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Written by Lori

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Great instructions!