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Winter white satin roses…

Hi every one, in this tutorial I am  going to explain how to make this gorgeous yet simple roses out of satin ribbon.These are my all time favourite flowers, they are excellent choice of gift for your loved ones on special occasions.  Now lets get started.

Things needed :

  • 40 mm(width) Satin ribbon (Cream and pale green colour),
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks,
  • Wired flower stems and clipper,
  • 12 mm green paper tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Lighter, Candle.

Step 1: Measure and cut about 4cm of green ribbon for leaves (one leaf for a rose, I am making 10), Then about 5cm of white ribbon for petals (for one flower I am going to use 7 petals),  2cm green for sepals( one for each flower).
Step 2: Now first take the 2cm green ribbon for sepals, fold it into four quarter, as shown below. Holding the centre part firm. Using scissors cut a leafy shape out of it.
3  4  5  6
Step 3: You should be getting something as shown below. Make a small hole in the middle.
Step 4: Now take 4cmm leaf ribbon. Using scissor make a leaf shape, cut off few spike corners around the border.
Step 5:Once you have done with it, using a lighter you can singe the border carefully. If you are under 18 do not make this attempt with out supervision. 
Step 6: For petals, take the white ribbon. Fold two corners from one side of the ribbon towards the other side of the same ribbon. Using lighter singe the border so that the fold stays in place. ( repeat this step for all the petals you need)
11 12 13
Step 7: With needle and thread, make a running stitch on the long side of the ribbon.

Step 8: Carefully pull the thread so that one side of the ribbon gathers all together. Then make a knot so that the petals stays in shape.
15  16  17
Step 9: Cut the wire between 15 – 20 cm in length and make a little hook shape in one end of the wire using clipper.
Step 10: Using the paper tape wrap the wire completely.I made 10 of these stems.
Step 11: Apply glue in a corner of one petal, place one stem wire and roll it making a bud.
22  23
Step 12: Take second petal and repeat step 11 so that the middle part of the flower is formed perfectly. ( For making Rose buds you may stop at this step and continue with step 17.)
Step 13:Take one petal , apply glue on one lower corner and take another petal and place it on top, making a chain of petals.

Step 14: Repeat step 13 for sticking last 5 petals.

Step 15: Apply glue in the corner of the fifth petal and stick the prepared bud .

Step 16: Rotate and stick the bud towards the petal chain forming a complete flower.

Step 17: Now pass the stem through the sepal and glue it to the flower.
33  34

Step 18: Apply some glue to a leaf and stick it with the flower.

Step 19: Now you will end up with a beautiful rose.

38 DSC08755

Hope you enjoyed the making of winter roses. Thank you for visiting our blog, Please share your experience through social media.

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Written by Lori

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Love these decorations… Looks so great! Keep up the nice work